Thank you for a TERRIFIC 2023-2024 Season!

It’s been a real pleasure working with all our exhibitors as we have managed to get through our whole season of shows. The weather has without a doubt been a bit of a challenge at times… but all of us managed to do our best and create success stories rather than excuses!

We will have our new show schedule available soon for the 2024-2025 season and we’ll let you know once it’s finalized.

Until then… we wish you success in all your upcoming shows and we look forward to seeing at our events next season!

Jessie & John

Guidelines & Rules For Our Shows

If we do not hear from you prior to show date you still owe for the show. Please be courteous and call !!!

  1. We will need pictures or slides of your set-up, work area, and at least two pictures or slides of your work.  We will keep them for reference for this or any future shows you would like to do with us.
  2. We will accept HAND – CRAFTED items and some quality Buy-Sell (limited). Offensive items (nudity or occult) will have to be removed or you may be asked to leave. Show fee will not be refunded.
  3. Admission will be left up to the discretion of MY Promotions.  Deposit will be returned if not accepted.
  4. Well behaved pets are allowed in your booth – however ILL BEHAVED PETS will have to be removed.
  5. Tables must be covered to the floor.
  6. NO TEAR – DOWN of booths before the announced closing time, please.  It may result in expulsion from other shows!
  7. Everyone is responsible to clean up their own space. If it is not done, we will be charging $25.00 for clean-up. It takes us hours afterwards to cleanup This is not MY’s responsibility.
  8. NO REFUNDS GIVEN! If you want to transfer the funds to another show, it must be done at least 2 WEEKS prior to show date for a $5.00 fee, if space is available.
  9. ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES during show hours at your booth! Appropriate Business Attire is expected during Show hours.
  10. If you use electric, please bring a heavy duty electric cord at least 50 feet long. Electricity is limited, you might have to bring a generator. I have 2 Honda 1000 & 2 Honda 2000 available- first call & pay basis.
  11. Upon arrival you must check in at the information table. All exhibitors must unload and park their vehicles in their designated areas. Please be courteous to others.
  12. You must be SET-UP at least 30 MINUTES prior to the show opening. Cars will have to be removed by 9:30. Set-up is Friday afternoon after 1:00 PM or Saturday after 7:00 AM.      Shows start at 10 AM and lasts till 5 PM on Saturday – 10 AM. until 4 PM. on Sunday.
  13. If you decide to change your medium, you must notify us in writing and send photos or slides for approval.
  14. The set-up must be strong enough to withstand winds and crowds. Your responsibility!! See bottom of schedule for more information!
  15. Liability insurance is strongly encouraged, it is not very expensive, and it will give us all peace of mind.
  16. Categories will be limited. ON Sale signs are not permitted — we are not a flea market.
  17. If for some reason (Health or Car Problems) you cannot attend, please contact me as soon as possible. I will check with my recorder on my cell phone periodically. Please use my cell phone (302) 384-1116 at all times. Please leave a message, if I do not answer.
  18. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or complaints. I have never bitten anyone or stayed upset. I do not black ball anyone. We will talk!  I am a big girl and can take criticism. We want to work for and with you. 
  19. Each exhibitor is responsible to pay their own State Sales tax on their sales, or contact MY Promotions at the close of the day. If you do not have a Sales Tax Number, we will turn in your Tax under our number.
  20. Space assignments will be held until 90 minutes before start time unless I am notified of your later arrival.
  21. Lee County – 6.5%, Charlotte, Sarasota, DeSoto & Hillsborough  7% tax needs to be charged.

MY Phone Number is (302) 384-1116

  • RV parking will be $40.00 – NP means Punta Gorda not allowed officially – against ordinance Call me for suggestions
  • BT – Black Top; G – Grass you will need Spikes and ropes to tie your tent down securely; NL – New Location; ND – New Date; C – means confirmed
  • Set-up time for most shows is from 11:00 PM until dark on Friday or (Thursday on a 3 day show), and after 6:30 AM on Saturday (or Friday on a 3 day show).
  • We need to wait for Food Vendor Set up of Trailer
  • For Food Vendors only:
    Your generator will have to be covered as much as possible to avoid excess noise. You can build a styrofoam cover that help with cutting down noise levels.
  • Always have your weights with you & a dolly, sometimes we cannot stake or drive in.
  • Bring your own 2 1/2 inch Drywall Screws & Washers and Hammer Drill with you to anchor down your tent on Blacktop! If you cannot – we will charge $5.00 for to do it. Anchoring with Screws are a
    MUST!!! Sand bags on top are good!! NO EXCEPTIONS because of Safety! Screws to be used have to have MY’s approval!! I am responsible in the end.
  • Everyone needs to fill out a new application for each new season, only one application is needed for the whole season.
  • If you cannot make it for whatever reason, please be courteous and give us a call; Please do not email after mid day Thursday- I will have left my office.) If you do not call me 2 weeks or more ahead of time, you will owe for the show. We accept VISA & M/C credit cards for a $5 fee.
  • Stay the hours you signed up for!!! It could result in you not coming back. It looks really bad when we have holes – so please work with us!
  • Check out the reasonable prices of insurance to cover your product – on the way, at the show and at home. It also protects you if someone gets injured during the show by you or your display or product. No one doing Arts & Crafts Shows should be without coverage!!!!
  • Please call RLI – Insurance for a reasonably small amount you can be protected – 1-866-741-6560

How to use our application system

How to use our application system

The first thing you’ll need to do is go to “SIGN UP” and create your online account.

Here we will ask you basic information about you and your company, what you plan on selling and we’ll also ask you to submit images of your work and your display.

We will reveiw your application and we will send you an email once you’re approved.

Next just simply go to “UPCOMING EVENTS” … Choose the event or events that interest you and then click on the image of that event!

You’ll be asked to sign in with the username and password you had chosen when you signed up.


As soon as you’ve successfully signed in, you’ll see the exhibitor dashboard.

As you can see, this is a summary of your profile, the events to which you’ve applied as well as navigation around the application system.

If you need to make any changes to your exhibitor profile for example, you would click on the customer profile tab and you’ll be able to make changes to any of the information you originally entered when you signed up.

When you want to sign up for an event, you’ll want to click on the Events Cart

This will open up the events cart categories where you can select the type of application you’d like to submit.  Choose the category that applies to the work you’d like to sell.

Once you’ve chosen your category, the event application choices will appear.

Click on “Add to schedule” and whichever events you choose will appear on the right hand side of the events cart ready for you to pay the entry fee.

Just click on the “Checkout” link and you’ll be taken to the credit card section where you can pay for the events you’ve selected.

The most convenient was to pay is with STRIPE which is our credit card processing company, however we can accept offline payments as well.  REMEMBER… WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO HOLD YOUR SPACE UNTIL THE PAYMENT IS ACTUALLY MADE!

So if you’d like to make certain of your reservation, use the credit card system and confirm your space reservation right away.

You’ll notice when you return to Exhibitor Dashboard, that the events you’ve paid for are now listed under your ACTIVE EVENTS.

Those events are also no longer listed in the events cart!  That way you can avoid booking the same event twice.



The deposit cart works similarly to the regular events cart except that you must go through the checkout process completely for each event where you’d like to make a deposit.

You can come back to your “EXHBITOR DASHBOARD” at any time to check your schedule with us, to communicate with us through our help desk, send an email or ask a question!

If you have any questions about the shows… or about our company please feel free to either give us a call at (302) 384-1116 or send us an email at We’ll answer you as soon as possible and solve whatever questions you may have.